Anti-Fascist Magazine of the French-Speaking Community of Belgium

Concerned with the progress of right-wing extremism and the adoption of neo-fascist ideas by mainstream politics in Belgium and all over the world the anti-fascist magazine RésistanceS saw the light of day in may 1997 after several months of preparatory work.

RésistanceS wishes to make a practical contribution to the fight against fascism, racism, xenofobia, extreme nationalism and the paralysing "pensée unique". RésistanceS is fully independent and is not linked to any political organisation whatsoever.

RésistanceS is put together by a team of volunteers with different ethnical and socio-cultural backgrounds from all over the country (Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders). RésistanceS appears four times a year.

Our primary objectives are:

  • to expose the extreme right
  • to analyse the conditions allowing neo-fascism to develop.
  • to prove the worthlessness of right-wing extremist ‘alternatives’
  • to denounce the influence of neo-fascism on mainstream politics
  • to establish an anti-fascist network for individuals and organisations


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